PU-816 Bi-component polyurethane adhesive for the installation of synthetic floors. Thixotropic. Recommended for rough and uneven surfaces. Beige.
2371 Water based adhesive for PVC flooring installation.
KPQ-60E Modified single-component polyurethane adhesive. Specially designed for sealing and / or elastic bonding for all types of materials used in construction and industry: synthetic flooring, galvanized sheets, ferrous metals and plastic, parquet, etc.
PU-822 Mono component polyurethane adhesive that cured by reacting with ambient humidity. Excellent adhesion on wood and varnished. Resistant to humidity D4.
590-R Polyvinyl acetate adhesive in aqueous emulsion, without plasticizers and with reactive groups conferring it a D3 humidity resistance according to EN 204. Mainly suitable for furniture assembly and woodworking that will be subject to severe conditions of humidity, as can be: fitted bathroom and kitchen, outdoor carpentry, exotic woods, etc.
420-NF Solvent based Contact adhesive. High performance. Rapid setting. For bonding carpets and soundproofing panels. Fire resistant M1.
KCM-100 Solvent based assembly adhesive in. Excellent tack and easy application. Needless threads. Quick drying and high filling power. Suitable for laying skirting,
mouldings, cabinets and lined for bonding materials such as wood, concrete, stone,
plastics (except polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene and PTFE).