We design and manufacture adhesive, glue and colles

for all industries and applications.


Since the company’s establishment in 1973 we have been continuously investigating the requirements of the industry together with its evolution and development in order to keep our business at the leading edge of technology and, of course, with the express purpose of providing each of our customers with the adhesive system that they need.

We are constantly working toward the creation and diversification of innovative products, by using the best technology which is easily adaptable to the requirements of the customer.

Our facilities are equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art technology. Our highly equipped laboratories together with our technical support department allow us to make constant improvements in the manufacture and quality of our products and to continuously improve and expand our range of adhesives and glues by incorporating new products lines in several sectors.


Our philosophy of continuous improvement and adaptability to new challenges make it possible to be globally competitive.

We maintain a policy based on the renovation and development of production and research equipments so as to adapt our processes to the needs of each sector.