Contact 73-A Is a solvent based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding EPDM and Butyl Rubber membranes to approved insulations in addition to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates.
139 Polyurethane solvent based adhesive for bonding PVC and PU membranes.
305-SP Special solvent based adhesive designed specifically for or use as a seam splicing in the installation of EPDM membrane systems. Black colour.
Primer EPDM Special primer for EPDM roofing materials prior to application of special splice adhesives or flashing tapes.
SL-266 Is a single component liquid waterproofing Polyurethane membrane.
KEFREN BUTYL TAPE Self-adhesive splicing tape developed for adhering EPDM roofing membrane together. Suitable for sealing and repairing cracks in roofs and gutters, downpipes…
K-500 PLUS New professional sealant-adhesive based on last generation hybrid polymers. (SMP technology) suitable to seal Joints, Cracks, Gutters, Drains, Skylights, rooftops…