Solvent Cements, Cleaners, Sanitary Sealants and auxiliary products for Plumbing.

KEFREN PVC Special Solvent Cement for pressure U-PVC pipes and fittings. Thyxotropic. Recommended for Pressure systems and where a Very Fast Setting is required. Suitable in high exigencies industrial applications.
KEFREN PVC ST-47 Special Solvent Cement for U-PVC pipes and fittings for general use (pressure and drainage systems). Recommended for Pressure and Drainage systems and where an average speed setting is required. It allows small rectifications during the installation. Moderately Rapid Curing.
KEFREN PVC EVACUACION Special Solvent Cement for non pressure U-PVC pipes and fittings. Recommended for Drainage and Exhaust systems where a low speed setting is required. It allows rectifications during the installation. Slow Curing.
KEFREN PVC GEL Special Solvent Cement for flexible and semi-rigid PVC pipes and fittings. Its high thixotropy and elevated solids content gives it a great gap-filling capacity in corrugated pipes. The best product to use at swimming-pool installations. Aspect Gel and blue colour.
KEFREN K-21 Solvent cleaner specially designed to prepare and degrease the PVC pipes before the KEFREN PVC adhesives application. Clean and activates the PVC surfaces in order to get the highest bonding strength with the adhesive employed. Suitable for cleaning of the utensils used in the application of PVC adhesives. Don’t use it like solvent cement thinner.