KEFREN MASILLA EPOXI Two concentric component epoxy putty for high yield repairs: metal and PVC pipes, water tanks, leaking fittings, valves and joints. Also suitable for repair tiles, summing pools, and underwater repairs. Once cured, it can be filed, drilled and painted.
KEFREN BUTYL TAPE Self-adhesive waterproofing tape. Easy application. Provides a waterproof seal and protection in wet areas like bathrooms, showers, decks, basements…. Ideal for waterproofing, sealing and repairing cracks in roofs and gutters, downpipes…. Repair and prevent leaks. It is not degraded with the aging.
KEFREN PF-844 It’s one component self-expansive Polyurethane foam. CFC-free product. Inoffensive propellants to the ozone layer. Suitable for filling voids, joints concrete, wood, metal, crack sealing, thermal and acoustic insulation, filling cavities around pipes, installation of door and window frames.